I wish to share with you my initial motivation for wanting to be involved in the political process. As many local people know, my 27 year old daughter Sara is an epileptic and has been pretty much unresponsive to all of the many drug combinations and surgeries that have been tried in an effort to control her seizure activity. We had been hearing in the news of the benefits of medical cannabis; (marijuana) research, testimonies, and the fact that it is helping many epileptics gain control over their seizures--not to mention the myriads of other health conditions that it is offering a natural, non-toxic, non addictive alternative treatment for. We became involved in a wonderful group called Bleeding Kansas, and was soon involved in rallies, lobbying, education, and raising public awareness to the benefits of this wonderful plant.

Medical cannabis is now legal in 24 states; the laws and stipulations vary, but in these states the people are FREE TO HEAL and we are hearing wonderful, encouraging results!

Lobbying for medical cannabis in Topeka has shown to be quite the challenge. WHEN you can get a Legislator to listen to you (Good Luck) you often hear responses such as : “We know that it is a matter of time before it is legal, we want to delay it as long as we can”. “This is deviant behavior and we would rather see it concentrated in other parts of the country.” “We do not want to open the door to the possibility of this being a gateway drug.” “We are watching other states and taking a wait-and-see approach.” These statements do open the door for a healthy debate; but the fact remains that thousands of Kansans want-and could benefit-from the plant, and many are choosing to leave their homes, their families, jobs, churches, LIVES to go to other states where cannabis is legal in order to have that option in the course of their healing. How can these Legislators just say to us, “Then go move?” How heartless is that?

We are watching the other states. Sixty eight percent of Kansans support patient access to medical cannabis. We know that cannabis in and of itself does not lend to deviant behavior, we know that it is not a “gateway drug”. It is reported that roughly half of all Americans have tried marijuana; we are not seeing an epidemic of drug addiction to the extent that substantiates the “gateway” claim, but we ARE seeing an epidemic of opiate addiction that is devastating in its addiction, cost, cost to taxpayers, and ruination of the body’s  vital organs and functions!

So as you can see….I am a Cannabis Candidate. Getting this plant is of high priority to me. I am fighting for patients lives….I am fighting for my daughter’s live. Please; check out Bleeding Kansas, check out HB2691, and educate yourself!


I am not a one-trick pony. There are other issues that I am passionate about, and one being the battle for the soul of our state, our nation. We often hear of our political process being owned and driven by corporate interests. We speak of such things as the Big They; I have a certain understanding of whom and what this “they” may be, and I am passionately against the stronghold that has been manipulating and controlling our state and country. Kansas is heavily dominated by Republican leaders; I am NOT against Republicans but I AM against any Legislator that is a part of Koch Bros. fueled machines such as ALEC. This acronym stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council, is heavily funded by conservative billionaires the Koch brothers, and is pretty much a “think tank” and bill mill for conservative legislators. They provide “model legislation”, which speaks to me of an impending dystopia and intolerance toward progression, cooperation, and appreciation for views that are different from those espoused by ALEC. I am hoping that you will take the time to do a little research on this; ALEC has a sure foothold in Kansan policy making and I am against conservative billionaire interests shaping our state and polarizing, silencing anything that would challenge them.

There IS a battle for the soul of our nation. On one hand we have these corporate interests, and on the other we have the PEOPLE who need to rise up, speak up, meet one another, encourage one another, and challenge these leaders who think nothing of destroying people’s lives and the Earth in the process of their gaining control!

RISE UP! CARE! This is the Earth we are talking about; this is the future for our children! It is said that the only way evil can flourish is in good people doing nothing! How will we explain this to future generations, what are we leaving them, authoritarian chains and a ruined Earth? We are at this precipice of great change, we need to consider our impact and care, passionately care, about the future! THE TIME IS NOW! We CANNOT lose this moment!