Greetings to everyone in Kansas House District 106!

My name is Beth Owens, and I am currently running for State House Representative in our district. I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and share with you the motivation that has led me to believe that I would serve well as our district’s representative.

I am 52 years old, and I live in Hanover. Many of you may know me from the Pony Express Cafe, where I have worked for years. I am a Mother of 7 children, 5 are grown, 2 still at home, and a Grandmother to 5.

I do not have a degree in formal education, I have what is often cited on questionaires as “some college”, and no experience in the legislative field. To some, this may seem appealing when we consider how frustrated many are with “career politicians”. I do not have experience, but I have a heart for this, and I learn most quickly. I hope that your support will give to me that chance to serve our district!

Allow me to explain my motivation. Our nation, our culture, our state is in a flux of change, “growing pains”, and and many are feeling fearful, confused, and pessimistic.

I am an optimist.

We all know that the budget for our schools in insufficient, our infrastructure is crumbling, and water remains a critical issue that must be addressed with foresight for our future generations of Kansan farmers. I meet these challenges with optimism, for I know that with every problem comes many possible creative solutions. And I’m not alone! This election year is crazy, but if you can get past all of the passionate rhetoric and  misinformation, you will see at it’s core an uprising of people, young and old, that are getting informed, involved, and and looking for answers as well!

THIS is exciting! And I am so excited to be a part of it! Aren’t you?

If you are like most people, you vote on the candidate that comes most close to sharing your outlook and ideals. I am running on the Democratic ticket, and I feel I could be best described as a Moderate Democrat. Briefly here is my position on a few critical issues:

*Budget/ Finance

The Kansas Constitution calls for the state’s budget to be balanced each year, yet our state is fiscally insolvent due to Sam Brownback’s failed tax cut implemented in 2012. It is a miserably  failed experiment that, largely, our school and highways are now paying for. I do not call for new taxes, I say bring the OLD tax back! Prior to 2012, the personal business tax was something that we were used to paying, so we pretty much took it in stride. Truly, the only entities that have benefited from this program have been large corporations who have NOT let this boon “trickle down”. I look forward to being a part of the legislation that works in overturning Sam Brownback’s program.


I cannot stress how important education is for the future of our state. From early education to higher learning; our children are our greatest investment and I find it shocking, incomprehensible that education is usually one of the first to be sacrificed in the wake of a crumbling budget. Parent, teachers, I want to be there for you!


I am committed to the sanctity of life; but unlike so many legislators and leaders that will court the pro-life community to get their vote; and then vote in areas that clearly do not support life, I am totally committed to making our state a more hopeful and healthy place to be born and raised in. To me, being pro-life is not just caring for the vulnerable unborn, it is a conviction that cares about the future of the child as well. I choose LIFE!

There are many other matters that I am passionate about:

*I believe in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

*I believe we need to be very concerned about water conservation and drought.

*I believe we need to buck the suggested trends that are stating that rural Kansas will have a severe decline in population in the years to come. Small towns espouse the best of American life with their strong sense of community and neighborliness!

In closing, we often hear of the campaigning politician making promises and saying “Yes” to everyone and anything to get that vote. Realistically, legislative power does not give the representative a magic wand to bequeath such promises. What I can promise you is this: I will listen to you. I may not have all of the answers, but perhaps together we can find them. I know that a person has to be highly motivated to contact their Representative; and I feel that in doing so, they are sharing what is so very close to their heart.  This I will honor.

Beth Owens (D)